04 August 2006


Hi all, I'm back. After a hiatus of more than 3 months, this is my latest blog entry.

Promise this is going to be short.

After a series of events, I'm starting to feel disappointed. To the fact that some students do not appreciate the efforts teachers have invested in them. I shall not elaborate.

However, there are a small group of students who buck the trend, that despite their friends' behaviour, they appreciate their teachers and respond in kind. Thank you girls, you make teaching worth while. And I sincerely believe that you will go very far in life.


23 March 2006

On Course.... xiong ah!

Almost one week has passed for my 2.5 month course, and I'm dead tired. Now, if you think school is sitting in class from 7.40am to 1.45pm is tough, you can't beat my course which involves lessons from 9am to 6:30pm everyday! Only 1 hour lunch break and 30 min tea break in between... xiong ah!

Actually, I'd rather be back in school teaching....

Any case, it is nice to see some form of appreciation from students from my blog, although I really cannot do too much of the situation regarding me being on course and the relief teacher.

For the record, I did not choose the relief teacher. But, maybe you all should allow some time to get used to his style of teaching. I know that he was a chemistry teacher before, and hence, he has experience. So, pay attention, participate in class, ask questions and clarify if you need to, and I'm sure you'll be alright.

So, all the best everyone (me included)! :)

09 March 2006

Thanks.... (some of your wishes will come true)

To all those who have posted comments, thank you. It goes to show that you are interested in how your lessons are being run. Instead of just saying that the lessons are boring, maybe you should give concrete examples how you'd like the lessons to go. Maybe we can try it out!

By the way, you won't be seeing me in school when term 2 starts. That'll definitely make some students happy! ;P

05 March 2006


Though I have not been posting regularly to this blog, I have been accessing it frequently. It seems that some students reading my blog do not know how to behave themselves while tagging.

Hence I have decided to remove the tag board indefinitely until furthur notice.

P.S. I am really upset and annoyed at the immaturity of some of the tags. >:(

12 February 2006

Finally.... I Not Stupid...

Before I start, I must apologise for this late entry. I had been swamped with work and blogspot seemed to have some problems earlier this week.

Anyway, here's a synopsis of the movie, for those who have not watched it.

2 main characters, 15-year old boys, NT students.

One came from a rich family, but both parents works all the time and neglected him. Although he had a talent in blogging and even won prizes for his work, his parents did not approve of it. It was because he spends all his time online and neglected his studies. He feels that his parents don't appreciate him.

The other kid is from a single father family. His father is uneducated and had a bad temper, and he would beat the kid up sometimes. This kid also had a rebellous and violent streak in him, causing him to get into fights and finally drop out of school. He feels that his father doesn't understand him.

Without divulging the whole story, I'll end by saying that they got into trouble with teen gangs, but in the end, their talents were appreciated and it turns out well... almost.

So now for the online discussion:

1) Do you think the parents of the 2 kids exhibited 'Responsible Parenting'? In your opinion, what exactly is 'responsible parenting'? Is it allowing the kids to do everything they want to do? How much control should parents have? Maybe you can share some of your personal experience, or observations from your friend's/ cousin's parents. You may even want to say what 'ideal parents' should be like.

2) As much as we expect 'responsible parenting', what about being 'responsible children'? What did you think about the actions of the kids in the movie? Were they right to behave in the way portrayed in the show? As much as you may complain about your parents' attitude towards you, have you considered your attitudes towards them? Again, please share from your own experience or observations of others.

Feel free to express your true feeling, but please refrain from using rude or disrespectful words. They will not be tolerated! If you comment responsibly and properly, you show that you are indeed mature enough to handle situations with dignity and respect. You may choose to reveal who you are, or remain anonymous.

22 December 2005

Time to say hello!

Hi all,

after the long holidays, aren't you all glad that the days for bumming around is going to be over? Soon, you'll have to wake up early, go to school, receive lots of homework and listen to interesting and exciting lessons again! Ooo.... can't wait for that to happen.

But then, before that happens, you'd have to bear with 1 more week of boredom at home watching Kids Central (or whichever boring channel you usually watch), roam around the crowded shopping centres and MSNing really late in the night because there's nothing else to do anyway...

Aren't you all excited to go back to school again? Whahah!

Have a Blessed Christmas and a Great New Year!

btw, if you're only going to watch one movie next week, I'm putting my money in The Chronicles of Narnia!

26 October 2005

What are holidays without...


So, here it is. This is basically the O level syllabus translated to questions. If you can answer every question, you'd have acquired the necessary content knowledge necessary for your Sec 3's work. This will secure you at least 50% for your Science (Chem) paper in O levels.

For the Sec 2 students, you escape homework. Not because you don't need them, but because Sec 3's work will be quite different from Sec 2. So, enjoy this holidays while you can.

Remember girls, don't do anything this holidays that you will regret in the future.

Happy Holidays!